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Children need to feel good about themselves in order to build self-confidence, self-regulation and the ability to enter into the school system as a well-balanced individual. Teaching children life skills such as being respectful, caring, responsible, patient, helpful, healthy and possessing basic manners is what is important to us all while meeting the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards. Our professionals support this learning through positive play experiences, careful observation and encouraging guidance. Putting children in charge of their learning experience and actions is what keeps them engaged in learning new topics and to be the best they can be.

Tadpole Room (Infants/Toddlers)

Ages: 6 weeks to 24 months
Teacher/Child Ratio: 1 teacher to every 4 infants or every 5 toddlers
Maximum capacity: 12 children

Stable, loving relationships are established with each child while individual needs are being catered to.

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Little Sprouts

Ages: 2-3 years old
Teacher/Child Ratio: 1 teacher to 8 children
Maximum capacity: 16 children

Social skills, potty training, and beginner basics are introduced and practiced. Growing minds and emerging personalities sprout into flowering smiles all while grasping into solid grounded relationships.

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Ages: 3 years to young 4-year-olds
Teacher/Child Ratio: 1 teacher to 10 children
Maximum capacity: 20 children

Emerging and curious children get a chance to explore and discover the new found talents, freedoms and knowledge put before them. Age appropriate challenges are given an opportunity to be investigated and discovered.

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Ages: 4-year-olds through 5-year-olds
Teacher/Child Ratio: 1 teacher to 10 children
Maximum capacity: 20 children

This is our front line. Children practice leadership and establish all the necessary skills and knowledge necessary to enter kindergarten.  Unearthing the wisdom that comes before them and rooting the important practices of daily habits and routines.

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Ages: kindergarten to 12 years old
Teacher/Child Ratio: 1 teacher to 20 children
Maximum capacity: 30 children

As stewards of the center, children are expected to be the “good example.” Embracing the individual in all while collaborating a unity among the class. With their wide range of ages and knowledge there is sure to be exciting ideas and projects to be encountered.

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An interacting environment is very important to us at Nature’s Scholars Enrichment Center. Learning is not an isolated affair, but transpires between individuals and their environment. Nature’s Scholars provides an enriching environment for children to express themselves to peers and adults. We create a community of learners among all classrooms and ages. The children will be given opportunities to create, explore and learn in a way that inspires them. We believe that children learn skills and concepts when they are developmentally ready and will indicate this readiness by participating actively. Our educational activities are designed to help children learn about themselves, those around them, and their world. Outdoor experiences will give maximum opportunities in order for all five (5) of the senses to be developed.