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Nature’s Scholars is a quality learning center based around our natural world. Our hope and goal is that the children in our care grow up with us learning an eco-friendly way of living - a love of the earth they will take with them in life as they become young adults. We strive to guide and help to develop them into a “whole mini individual”. Teaching children not only the knowledge to enter into the world academically but socially, emotionally & physically. Seeing children gain self-confidence and the ability to be self-sufficient is important to us. We base our day in a way that teaches manners, eco-friendly daily practices and the development of all 5 of their senses using nature as our base. Basically, nurturing through nature. Using our natural world to teach, explore and grow through play. 

Children will absorb the many different aspects we offer in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere. That’s why our environment is designed to make you feel at home. Beyond the environment is our educated and experienced staff. The ones who work hand in hand with the children and families of Nature’s Scholars. Our vision is shared throughout. Everyone brings something special to our program. Staff who truly care, love and nurture the individual in every child.

We would love for you to join in the fun! Come learn, explore and grow with us as we take this journey together.

Our Mission


To provide a safe, loving,
educational environment where
children build relationships with their peers,
teachers and beyond. To incorporate
environmental elements and sustainable
practices. To build strong partnerships
with families and involvement
in the community for the
well-being and education
of the children.


We believe our
environment should
provide open ended
experiences that
support exploration.


We believe that all
educators should
continue their pursuit of
knowledge or research,
training and discussions
with peers.


We believe our
relationships with families
and community are paramount
and assist with the
development of our
programming, practices
and environment.


We believe that our
relationships with the
children, staff and
families are based on
mutual trust and


We aspire to provide a
welcoming environment
that is creative,
imaginative, inspiring
and challenging.


We aspire to provide an
inclusive environment
that creates a sense of
belonging through
valuing and respecting
all cultures, abilities
and challenges.